AL SHABAAB Bride, VIOLET KEMUNTO, Is Highly a Trained Operative! Is She Close to a Commando? Here is More Information About Her

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Monday January 21, 2019 - Detectives from the Anti-Terror Police Unit (ATPU) have urged Kenyans to share information about DusitD2 terrorist suspect, Violet Kemunto, who is believed to have escaped to Somalia after last week’s terrorist attack in Nairobi.

Kemunto was the wife to Ali Gichunge, who is one of the five suspects who were killed when they attacked the hotel complex last Tuesday.

The two lovebirds were living in Ruaka, Kiambu County.

ATPU has revealed details about Kemunto who used to refer herself as Al Shabaab bride on social media.

Detectives say that the Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST) graduate married Gichunge in 2017.

From there, she went to Somalia where she was trained in terror attacks.

“She frequented Somalia after marrying Ali Salim Gichunge in 2017. The ceremony was attended by her siblings. In Somalia, she was radicalised and was known to be tough in gun tactics,” said one ATPU officer.

The officer also said Kemunto was taught on how to plant mines and she once joined other Al Shabaab insurgents in planting mines on an Amison base in Kismayu.

She is believed to be hiding in Somalia.

Hamisa Mobetto Labelled ‘Husband Snatcher’ Hours After Introducing Her New Boyfriend (Photos)

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It appears as if Hamisa Mobetto is now dating a married man. The Tanzanian fashionista has been called out for fooling around with somebody’s husband.

Hamisa Mobetto was dating her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz until August 2018 when they broke up. Diamond accused her of using witchcraft to woo him into marriage.

A few months after the breakup with Diamond, Hamisa hooked up with
American basketball player Josh Adeyeye who plays for the Maine Red Claws.

Their love (if indeed it wasn’t a mere publicity stunt) didn’t stand the test of time, Hamisa and Josh silently went their separate ways (no one knows when, Hamisa stopped posting their romantic photos together months ago).

Well, last week Hamisa introduced the new man she is dating. The love-struck fashionista-cum-singer took to social media to post romantic photos with her new bae.

Hours later after posting photos of her new sweetheart, a woman by the name Tahiya came out to accuse Hamisa Mobetto of fooling around with someone’s husband.

The accusation made some people think Hamisa could be desperate. Her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz is all set to marry Tanasha Donna Oketch while she is still struggling to find love.

Tanasha Donna ready to relocate to Tanzania to stay with her future husband Diamond… but she is not willing to convert to Islam

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Tanasha Donna Oketch is set to get married to her Tanzanian sweetheart Diamond Platnumz sometimes this year. The wedding had been scheduled for February 14th but it was postponed.

Diamond didn’t reveal the exact date when he will marry the Kenyan beauty after he announced that he had postponed the highly anticipated wedding.

Tanasha opened up about intimate details of her relationship with Diamond during a Questions and Answers (Q&A) session with her fans on Instagram.

She revealed that she met Diamond at a club in 2016, but they lost touch until November 2018 when they met again and ultimately hooked up.

The NRG radio presenter also revealed that she would be staying with her sweetheart in Tanzania after she gets married to him.

“Are you planning to live in Tanzania in the future?” a fan asked Tanasha.

To which she replied “I guess I can call it my second home now.”

Tanasha Donna Oketch

Tanasha also said that she would not convert to Islam, Diamond is a Muslim whereas she is a Christian.

Non Muslim women usually convert to Islam before they can be married by Muslim men, that’s what Islam dictates.

“Is there a chance you will change your religion?” a fan had asked.

“I believe we all serve one God therefore we should respect each other’s religion and appreciate other people’s belief as part of their identity,” Tanasha replied.

Rommy Jones, Esma Platnumz speak on Zari Hassan blocking all members of Diamond Platnumz’s family

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Zari Hassan dumped Diamond Platnumz on February 14th 2018. The mother of five announced that she decided to end her relationship with her baby daddy because of his infidelity.

Zari however harbored no hostility towards Diamond or members of his family, she used to talk with her baby daddy’s mother Sanura Sandra on social media.

Things however changed towards the end of last year when Tanasha came into Diamond’s life. Zari decided to block members of Diamond’s family perhaps because she didn’t to be hurt seeing their posts.

Diamond’s family warmed up to Tanasha and have been posting her photos on social media. The singer’s cousin Rommy Jones and his sister Esma Platnumz have since spoken about Zari blocking them.

Speaking during an interview with Global Publishers, Esma Platnumz said she could not get involved in Diamond’s relationship, however stressing that she only wants to see her brother happy.

Esma Platnumz and Zari Hassan

“We cannot intrude into Diamond’s relatonships, but we support him. For now he is with Tanasha so we have to show him our support,” said Esma Platnumz.

On his part, Rommy Jones said that;

“I don’t see anything wrong with being blocked (by Zari), but what we concerned with is Diamond’s happiness. Everything else is not important.”

This WOMAN was caught red handed transporting BHANG worth millions disguised as a baby on her back(PHOTOs)

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Monday, January 21, 2019-This woman is in police custody after she was caught red handed transporting bhang.

The woman had wrapped the bhang on a baby shawl and carried it on her back disguised as a baby.

It is very hard to suspect she is a peddler if you happen to meet her in the streets.

However, hawk eyed police officers caught up with her.

See photo

“I Will not Cheat on you” Diamond Publicly Assures Tanasha Donna He will be Faithful to Her

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Diamond Platnumz is the ultimate playboy. He has dated several celebrities and broke their hearts thanks to his philandering ways.

Zari Hassan is the one women who tried hard saving her relationship thinking Diamond would change, she forgave her baby daddy even after he impregnated Hamisa Mobetto.

Zari only opted to leave Diamond in February 2018 after having enough of his infidelity. The mother of five had cohabited with her baby daddy for close to four years. The singer’s other relationships only lasted for few months.

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A changed man
Diamond has assured his Kenyan sweetheart that he will not cheat on her. He posted photos of Tanasha Donna on his Instagram account and captioned it “Sura yako mtaratibu… Mwenye Macho ya Aibu… kukucheat sitojaribu maana Nakupenda Sana”.

Diamond’s sister Esma Platnumz commented on her brother’s post telling him to make sure this time round he walks down the aisle.

Diamond pulled down the post later, but we have the screenshot below: