Rose Muhando: I Wasn’t on DRUGS, Someone Was Trying to Force Me into S*x

Singer Rose Muhando has come out to deny that she was a hooked on drugs as many people were led to believe.

Speaking in a radio interview, the singer confessed that she was in trouble because she didn’t want to work with her record label at the time.

“I was sick; I went through problems. My management took away everything I had. There are things that I did not want to do and that was the start of all my problems.” she told a local radio station.

She further added that she was in trouble also because someone powerfull wanted to have sex with her but she said no.

“For example, I cannot walk with someone’s husband. I didn’t want to be a slave of sex. Even though he created a scandal for me because I refused him. How many times have I been driven to the mountains at gunpoint?” she said.

Muhando rubbished drug addiction allegations.

“I don’t even know how drugs look like. However, there is a big secret that I cannot say.  I have never used drugs.”

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